Japanese Bound Affiliate Program

Our program is designed to make you money by creating affiliate marketing campaigns on your website.  All you need to do is sign up, create links and send traffic.  Every time someone buys a video from one of your links, you receive a commission.

How It Works

Sign up is easy.  Go to the Affiliate Area and register.  Once you are approved, you will then have access to the Affiilate Dashboard which will let you create links and track referrals and sales.

Our “Creatives” page provides you with banners and buttons to use on your site

Direct Links

Our Direct Links program allows us to track any traffic from your website and credit them to your affiliate account.  Simply add your domain name that will be sending traffic and any referrals from that site will be credited to your affiliate account.


We send payments the first week of the month for previous month’s sales.  Our payouts are only made when you reach a $50 threshold.  If you don’t reach that threshold, payments are rolled over to the next month.  Our commission rate is tiered, offering 5% of the first $100 and scaling to 7% to $500 and 10% at $1000 in sales.