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Yukimura Haruki: Complete Works

A classic work from Yukimura Haruki and part of the 16 volume “Complete Works” series released between 2007-2009.  In this video, Yukimura ties model Nami, in a series of beautiful ties,  Each video in this series explores different elements of Yukimura’s style including floor work, gags, and face rope all follow creating a very intense […]

New World of Rope 7: Uniform Shame Shibari

School Uniform Shame Bondage (制服羞恥縛り) Nureki Chimuo in number 7 of Cinemagic’s New World of Rope series, featuring models Kohsaka Yurie and Minou Nagisa.  This one is subtitled “School Uniform Shame Bondage” and explores traditional semenawa and shame rope with both schoolgirl and nurse uniform play.  59 Mins.