The video features Nureki tying model Takahashi Megumi. This video combines Nureki’s signature tying style with CineMagic’s exceptional production values to create a video which is easy to follow and which provides great insight into Nureki’s technique and approach to kinbaku.

The video features a series of ties, each of which is illustrated with a collection of poses designed to highlight the aesthetic power of the form.

Nureki’s videos often focus on traditional Japanese clothing or costumes, creating a very traditional feel to his rope. In this tutorial, he illustrates a classic Ebi (shrimp) tie, done in full kimono, first tied seated and then as a full suspension.

The video demonstrates several other ties, including a full body hishi pattern tie, how to bind to a bed, an open leg, hand to ankle tie, and second full body tie with crotch rope. 60 Min

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