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Yukimura Haruki: A Different Look

Of all the traditional rope artists, Yukimura Haruki was probably best known for his minimalist style. Specializing in one rope ties and using them to amazing erotic effect, Yukimura became the master of aibu no nawa, or the caressing style of rope. Earlier in his career, he experimented with a number of other approaches. Though […]

Yukimura Live

Yukimura Live (add to cart) Released in 2009, these video collect performances from Yukimura’s rope sessions.  These six videos are an incredible glimpse into Yukimura’s evolving style of rope.  The Yukimura Live sessions each have a name and focus: Heso (navel), haritsuke (crucifixion),yodare (drool),taieki (bodily fluids),kaikyaku (open legs), and shitanaburi (tongue torment). These videos are excellent resources for […]

Yukimura Haruki and Naka Akira

Nawa: Yukimura Haruki and Naka Akira One of the last video series that Yukimura Haruki directed was the exceptional Nawa group of videos.  This video is an amazing collaboration between Yukimura as director and Akira Naka as the featured bakushi.  In one sense, the styles of these two masters could not be more different, with […]