Yukimura Haruki: A Different Look

Of all the traditional rope artists, Yukimura Haruki was probably best known for his minimalist style. Specializing in one rope ties and using them to amazing erotic effect, Yukimura became the master of aibu no nawa, or the caressing style of rope.

Earlier in his career, he experimented with a number of other approaches. Though not as prolific as his later work, in his early days tying for companies like CineMagic, he created a number of videos that showed off his talents for more elaborate designs and patterns.

In Tied Meat Puppet he ties model Kobayashi Hiromi in a series of elaborate ties that show off his technical mastery of rope as well as his erotic style.

One of the few videos that captures his ability to fuse even the most complicated rope with a deep sense of eroticism.